Airports and Terminal Buildings

Airports, Terminals, Stations and Government Institutional Building projects require multiple estimates to be created during the life of a project. The projects require separate estimates for Design and Construction activities.

When the Project is first conceived, Conceptual Estimates are prepared based on space and use requirements only. The Chief Estimator Software allows users to import and prorate unit costs based on project size from a library of unit rates or directly from previous estimates in order to prepare conceptual estimates. As the project evolves, the conceptual bid can be replaced with detailed estimates or proposals from subcontractors and suppliers.

Utilizing the Bid Closing Module building contractors can compare and award Subcontract Packages.

Users familiar with BIM technology can link their building Work Breakdown Structure to their model objects and parameters in order to populate the estimate automatically.

Our Infrastructure Master Breakdown Structure incorporates airport construction including Terminal & Service Buildings, Airside Paving & Infrastructure, Landside Infrastructure and General Site Improvements.

  • Buildings
    • Terminal Buildings
    • General Aviation Buildings
    • Control Tower
    • Fire Station
    • Ground Services
    • Domestic Cargo
    • International Cargo
    • Catering
    • Maintenance Hangers
  • Utilties
    • Storm Sewer
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Water Supply & Treatment
    • Water Distribution
  • Airside Infrastructure
    • Earthworks
    • Drainage
    • Runway Pavement
    • Apron Pavement
    • Runway Lighting
  • Landside Infrastructure
    • Bridge Structures
    • Perimeter Roads
    • Service Roads
    • Parking
  • Site Improvements
    • Fencing
    • Landscaping


Portfolio of International Airport Projects

Click here to download a portfolio of International Airport Projects that we have estimated around the world.

 Sample Bid Summary Report for an International Airport Estimate

Click here to download a sample Bid Summary Report for an International Airport Project.