Client Profiles

We are pleased to provide a short profile of some of our most prestigious and important client's. We have assisted these companies by providing our estimating software and estimating consulting services in order to estimate some of the most significant infrastructure projects in the world.


AECOM Tunnel Project

Aecom Engineering

AECOM is one of the largest engineering firms. Hewitt Estimating Consultants has recently completed a feasibility level estimate for Aecom for a multi-billion dollar project in the United States. Aecom’s division in Montreal has also purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our French and English Master Resource Data. For more information visit


Dragados Logo


Dragados Construction

One of the world’s largest Civil Engineering Contractors. Dragados Construction Division in Canada are users of our Chief Estimator Software fully integrated with our Master Resource File and Estimate Cost Data Packages.


 SNC-Lavalin Engineering & Construction

SNC-Lavalin is one on the leading engineering and construction groups in the world. Further information is available at SNC's transportation group are users of the Chief Estimator Software. On a consulting basis Hewitt Estimating Consultants have estimated two projects for SNC Transportation.


 MWH Logo

MWH Project

Montgomery Watson Harza

The energy and environmental engineering, construction, and water resource management firm offers design, construction, finance, and operations and maintenance services in around 30 countries. Projects include the current expansion of the Panama Canal. More information available at Hewitt Estimating Consultants have completed several estimates for MWH for projects in Canada, USA, South America and Iraq. MWH are also users of The Chief Estimator Software.



Aecon Construction Group

Aecon is Canada's largest publically traded construction company provides construction services from Dams, Powerhouses, Heavy Civil, Highways, Utilities and Industrial. Hewitt Estimating Consultants provide estimating consulting services to Aecon. Recent estimates included the 440 MW Lower Mattagami Hydro Project, a Joint Venture between Peter Kiewit Construction and Aecon, Anthony Henday Highway, a Joint Venture between Flatiron, Dragados & Aecon as well as the Eglington Crosstown Tunnel, a Joint Venture between Dragados & Aecon.Visit

Sunstone Projects LTD Logo

Sunstone Projects LTD Project

Ferrovial Agroman

Ferrovial is one of the biggest toll highway developers in the world and manages over 2,900 km of highways around the world. In Canada, Ferrovial has constructed and manages Hwy 407, a fully automated toll highway over 108 km long. Ferrovial has purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our Master Infrastructure Resource file to help them estimate their infrastructure projects. For more information, visit




Hatch Energy

Hatch Project

Hatch Engineering

Hatch is an international power, mining and energy consulting, engineering and construction management company with operations worldwide and a reputation for excellence acquired over 80 years of continuous service to its clients. Over the past several years Hewitt Estimating Consultants have providing estimates along with cost data on over $1 billion in power projects. For more information visit

Vale Logo

 Vale Long Harbor

Vale Mining Group

Vale with head office located in Brazil South America, is one of the largest international mining companies in the world with facilities located around the global. Hewitt Estimating Consultants participated in several estimating assignments related to the construction of their mine and concentrator facilities in Voisey’s Bay Labrador Canada and their processing facilities in Long Harbour Newfoundland Canada. For more information on Vale visit



NACC Mine Project


NACC Constructors

North America Constructors provide Master Builder Services to the Mining, Industrial, Biofuels, Energy and Civil Industries. NACC purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our Master Resource File. IPE has also provided estimating services for their Western Division. For more information visit


Flatiron Logo

Flatiron Project

Flatiron Construction Corporation 

Flatiron, with head office in Denver USA, is one of the leading providers of transportation construction and civil engineering in North America. The firm is a subsidiary of HOCHTIEF, one of the world's leading international construction service providers. Further information is available at Hewitt Estimating Consultants assisted Flatiron estimate several projects including The Sea to Sky Highway in Vancouver British Columbia ($600 million), the Stoney Trail East Ring Road in Calgary Alberta ($ 500 million) and the Port Mann Highway Project in Vancouver Canada ($1,300 million). Flatiron were awarded both the Stoney Trail & Port Mann Bridge Projects.

Bilfinger LogoBilfinger Project

Bilfinger Civil


The Bilfinger Berger Group is presented by branches and affiliated companies throughout the world. In 2010 the group's output volume reached 11.5 billion Canadian Dollars (8.1 billion Euros) and more than 58,000 people were employed worldwide. In 2006, Hewitt Estimating Consultants assisted Bilfinger Civil estimate the St Francisville Cable Stay Bridge across the Mississippi River in Louisiana for their US Civil Division. For more information visit; .


Rizzani Logo


Rizzani de Eccher

Rizzani are a world leaders in innovative erection technologies for rapid transit infrastructure projects. Rizzani’s USA division has purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our Infrastructure Resource Cost Data.


Polat Logo

Polat Wastewater Project





POLAT is one of Turkey’s most diverse Civil Engineering Contractors specializing in Transportation, Water and Wastewater Systems, Dams and Irrigation as well as Industrial Facilities. Poltat purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our complete range of Cost Data Packages. As an additional service we also customized our cost data to cover Turkey (Euros), Saudi Arabia (Riyals) and Iraq (Dinars). For more information visit


Graham Logo


Graham Construction

Graham is the North America-wide integrated project solutions contractor. Graham’s Ontario division has purchased the Chief Estimator Software to help them bid their infrastructure projects.


Aviotec Logo

Aviotec Airport

Aviotec Airport Group

Aviotec Group is a professional consulting services firm offering a range of specialized planning, design and technical support services to the global aviation and airport industry. Aviotec has airport industry clients in over 35 counties. Hewitt provided budget estimates for Aviotec for the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago Chile. For more information on Aviotec, visit


GCC Logo   

GCC General Consolidated Contractors

GCC, located in Saudi Arabia has experience throughout the full spectrum of the industrial construction market to include all aspects of building, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation disciplines and also including a strong background in the specialist pipeline and steel fabrication fields. For more information visit GCC are users of our Chief Estimator Software.

Shar Logo

Shar Project



Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a full service construction company, with a total value of projects exceeding 500 million Saudi Riyals. Shar are users of the Chief Estimator Software. For more information visit



OPG Logo

 OPG Project

Ontario Power Generation Corporation (OPG)

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is an electricity generation company in Ontario, Canada. OPG's generating portfolio has a total capacity of over 21,000 megawatts (MW) making it one of the largest power generators in North America. Their generating assets include: 3 nuclear generating stations, 5 thermal generating stations and 65 hydroelectric generating stations.  Hewitt Estimating Consultants prepared their feasibility level estimate for their Albany River (1059 MW) and Mattagami Lake (6 MW) projects. OPG are users of thge Chief Estimator Software. For more information, visit


BC Hydro Logo

BC Hydro Project

BC Hydro

BC Hydro operates 30 hydroelectric facilities and three natural gas-fueled thermal power plants. BC Hydro generates between 43,000 and 54,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity annually. Hewitt Estimating Consultants provided estimate review services on their Revelstoke Penstock expansion project along with estimating support to Hatch Energy for BC Hydro's ongoing gate rehabilitation program. In addition BC Hydro is a license holder of the Chief Estimator Software. For more information visit,


Manitoba Hydro Logo

Manitoba Hydro Project

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is one of North America's largest energy utilities with capital assets-in-service at original cost exceeding $12 billion, making them one of the largest energy utilities in Canada. Hewitt Estimating Consultants provided estimate review services for their Conawapa (1485 MW), Keeyask (695 MW) and Dubois Spillway hydro projects and . For more information, visit




Nalcor Energy 

The Lower Churchill Project consists of two of the largest undeveloped hydroelectric sites in the world: The 2,000-megawatt project at Gull Island and the 824 megawatt project at Muskrat Falls. Hewitt Estimating Consultants has provided the estimate utilizing the Chief Estimator Software. The estimate consisted of 15 contract packages totally several billions of dollars. For more information on the project visit

KGS Group Logo

KGS Project

KGS Engineering Group

KGS Group specializes in the design of hydroelectric, environmental, water resources, and municipal infrastructure projects. Hewitt Estimating Consultants has provided feasibility level estimating services for their New Post Creek, Yukon Energy, Abitibi Bowater Projects and Tazi Twe Project utilizing the Chief Estimator Software. For more information, visit


Regional Power Logo

Regional Power Project

Regional Power

Regional Power currently operates six hydro plants with a total generating capacity of 36 megawatts and has twelve projects in various stages of development with an estimated 353MW of total generating capacity (net 304MW). Hewitt Estimating Consultants has provided feasibility level estimates for their White River, Anglier, Ryan River and Misery Creek Hydro Projects utilizing the Chief Estimator Software. For more information, visit

 GTP Logo

 GTP Project

Grands Travaux Petroliers

GTP is a subsidiary of the first petroleum company in the African continent, the "Sonatrach Group". With more than 7 000 Employees and 4 000 pieces of construction equipment, GTP are the leaders in construction of industrial plants and pipelines in Algeria. Hewitt Estimating Consultants developed a French Version of the Chief Estimator Software on behalf of GTP. For more information visit


Sunstone Projects LTD Logo

Sunstone Projects LTD Project

Sunstone Projects

Located in Calgary, Canada - Sunstone Projects Ltd. is an experienced engineering firm offering expertise in projects for the processing and transmission of natural gas, natural gas liquids, conventional crude oil, heavy oil, bitumen and other petroleum products. Sunstone, are users of The Chief Estimator Software. Hewitt Estimating Consultants also assisted Sunstone in estimating a dual 600mm pipeline project in Alberta. For more information, visit


Chant Construction Logo

Chant Construction Project

Chant Construction Group

Chant Construction Limited specializes in Pre-construction Services, Construction Services and Post-construction (Operations and Maintenance). Chant has been a valued user of the Chief Estimator Software since 1998 helping them provide their pre-construction services for Water, Power and Heavy Civil Projects. For more information, visit


Fence People LogoFence People Project

The Fence People


The Fence People are leading providers of Fencing, Modular Hoardings and Overhead Protection for the Construction Industry. The Fence People were one of the originators of the temporary modular chainlink system. The Fence People are users of the Chief Estimator Software. For more information visit;


Metric Contracting Logo

Metric Contracting Project

Metric Contracting

We are proud to feature Metric on our website as one of our first users of the Chief Estimator Software. The company has expanded its area of expertise to include Site Servicing, Site Development, Major highways and roadways, airports and residential subdivisions. Metric has been a satisfied user of The Chief Estimator Software since 1997. For more information, visit


Parsons Brinckerhoff Logo

Parsons Phot Project

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Parsons Brinckerhoff is a global consulting firm assisting public and private clients to plan, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain critical infrastructure. Hewitt provided estimating services to Parsons Brinkerhoff for the Northern Electrical Power Systems (NEPS) project for the US Corp of Engineers in Afghanistan. For more information visit

Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

Pro Rig Transmission Line Services

PRO RIG, located in Victoria Australia, provides specialised rigging services to the Electrical Transmission Line industry with over 20 years of experience within the industry including extensive experience within Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Pro Rig has purchased the Chief Estimator Software along with our Master Resource File and Transmission Line Cost Data. For more information visit

Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

Emera Energy

a Energy is Atlantic Canada’s premier energy marketing business. Emera provides tailored energy solutions to clients across Northeastern North America, Eastern Canada, US Gulf Coast and the emerging Marcellus Shale. IPE participated in an estimate review for Emera’s Maritime Link Transmission Line Project. For more information visit


Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

Roni Excavating

Roni Excavating specializes in heavy civil, infrastructure, ICI building and residential condo excavation. Services include Sediment Control, Earthworks, Handling of Impacted Soil, Demolition, Site Preparation. Engineered Fill, Clearing & Grubbing and Site Remediation. Roni are users of the Chief Estimator Software. For more information visit


Pro Rig Logo


Pro Rig Project

Miso Energy

MISO is an essential link in the safe, cost-effective delivery of electric power across all or parts of 15 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. As a Regional Transmission Organization, MISO assures consumers of unbiased regional grid management and open access to the transmission facilities under MISO’s functional supervision. Miso is a user of the Chief Estimator Software. For more information visit

Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

Exxon Mobile

Exxon Mobile, one of the largest oil companies in the world, purchased the Chief Estimator Software for their Syncrude Oil Sands project in Alberta Canada.

Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

Aenco Concrete Solutions

Aenco provides innovative solutions for concrete construction projects in Western Canada. Aenco has purchased the Chief Estimato Software.For more information visit

Pro Rig Logo

Pro Rig Project

SC Infrastructure

SCI captures the knowledge and strong experience of their predecessor companies and is dedicated to providing commercially viable solutions for infrastructure on a global basis. SCI has purchased the Chief Estimator software. For more information visit


Estimating Services, Software & Infrastructure Cost Data

Hewitt Estimating Consultants a Division of International Project Estimating Limited are proud to be able to provide the full range of estimating services for Infrastructure projects including Estimating Consulting Services, Infrastructure Cost Data and Estimating Software. Some of our client's may only be interested in our consulting services only while other others may only be interested in our cost data and software.