Download Software and More Information

For more information on The Chief Estimator Software and our  Estimating Services we have provided additional documentation and online demos that are available for download.

Download The Chief Estimator Software

To download the Chief Estimator Software (version 2016.0 Build 2) click here. This is the full version of the software that includes a small sample estimate and resource file. Go to "View Tutorials" for instructions on installing and using the software.

Install and Register The Chief Estimator Software

Click here to download instructions for installing and registering the Chief Estimator Software.

Download The Chief Estimator Software Brochure

To download the Chief Estimator Software Brochure including the list of Resource and Reference Estimate Files that are included click here.

The Chief Estimator Software - Detailed Information

This is a 30 page document in pdf format that describes all the features of the Chief Estimator Software in detail. File size is approximately 3 MB.
Download Document 

The Chief Estimator Software - Sample Reports

Click on the files below to download many of the Chief Estimator Reports in pdf format.

Sample Reports in French

Sample Reports in Spanish

Sample Reports in Portuguese

Hewitt Estimating Consultants-Portfolios

To download our detailed list of completed estimates including project descriptions and client names click on the links below;

Sample 3D Takeoff Model - White River Power Project

This is a zip file that contains an executable file that you can download to view a takeoff model we completed on for a recent estimate on a hydroelectric power project. Just double click on the file to open it and follow the attached instructions to view the model. Zipped File size is 6 MG.
Download Zip File

Hewitt Estimating Consultants-Articles

Several articles are available for download on estimating and developing work breakdown structures for international infrastructure projects. Several of these papers were presented to the Association of Cost Engineers by International Project Estimating Limited.