Hewitt Estimating Consultants

We provide cost estimating consulting services over a wide range of heavy civil & infrastructure projects, from highways and toll routes, tunnels, bridges, transit systems, water power and dams, mining infrastructure, and airports.

Estimating Consulting
We specialize in estimating large multi-million dollar heavy civil & infrastructure projects. We can work directly for the owner early on at the conceptual stage, work with the Engineer to provide feasibility level estimates at various levels of design, or we can provide hard money estimates for the contractor at time of tender. We can work standalone to provide you a complete estimate or we can join your proposal or evaluation team.
We can prepare estimates in the following platforms;
Chief Estimator (© 2017-International Project Estimating Limited)
HCSS Heavybid(© 2017-Heavy Constructions Systems Specialists Inc)
Harddollar HD Estimating (© 2017-InEight Inc)
Focus on Heavy Civil Design Build Finance Operate (P3) Infrastructure Projects
These types of projects normally bring together parties from all over the world that create unique problems estimating design build and operate projects. We have designed our cost database to address all the unique challenges of preparing detailed estimates in multi-currencies and both metric and imperial measurement systems and developing reports to accurately display the breakdown of the costs.
  • Detailed Construction Estimates
  • Feasibility Level Estimates
  • Cost Database Development
  • Master Work Breakdown Development
  • Estimator Training
Download Portfolios of Major Completed Estimates

Click below to download lists of some of the previous projects we have estimated;