Highway and Bridge Projects

Utilizing our Havy Civil Cost database we have bid on some of the largest Toll Highway and Bridge Projects in the world. These Projects normally involve Public Private Partnerships, brought together jointly to bid and develop these projects over an extended concession period.

Contractors, Operators, Equipment Suppliers and Engineers create Joint Venture Development Companies to Design, Construct and Operate these Infrastructure Projects. Estimates must be prepared for the Capital Cost of Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Concessionaire Expense and Financing.

This creates unique problems associated with satisfying all the demands of the various parties involved. Detailed Cash Flows must be prepared in multi-currencies to accurately predict the return on investment in order to procure Project Financing.

Our Highway and Bridge Construction Cost Data includes unit rates for most civil, highway & bridge activities including;

  • Site Preparation
  • Earthworks
  • Piling and Shoring
  • Asphalt and Concrete Paving
  • Drainage and Utilities
  • Bridges. Walls and Structures
  • Fencing and Guiderail
  • Site Lighting and Electrical
  • Landscaping

Portfolio of Major Design Build Finance Highway & Bridge Projects

Click here to download a portfolio of major International P3 Design Building Bridge & Highway Projects that we have estimated around the world.

Sample Bid Summary Report for a Highway & Bridge Estimate

Click here to download a sample Bid Summary Report for a Highway & Bridge Project.

Sample Item Cost Summary Report for Bridges & Overpasses.

Click here to download a sample Item Cost Summary Report for a Bridge & Overpass Estimates.