Nuclear Civil Infrastructure and Structures

Hewitt Estimating has been involved with helping our clients estimate several large Nuclear Plants expansions.

Working with our client’s estimating team we have assisted the Civil, Mechanical & Electrical estimating teams in creating the overall project Master Work Breakdown.

Utilizing the Chief Estimator software, the projects were estimated separately by the discipline estimating teams and then merged into the overall WBS.

Included in our Master Work Breakdown Structures are all the major elements that make up the Infrastructure Required for a Nuclear project including;

  • Cooling Water Intake Tunnels
  • Cooling Discharge Tunnels
  • Marine Intake Structures
  • CSW & RSW Pumphouses
  • Turbine Building
  • Fire Water Pumphouse
  • Reactor Building
  • Containment Chamber
  • Service Buildings

Portfolio of Civil Work for Heavy Industrial Projects

Click here to download a portfolio of major Mining & Process Infrastructure Projects that we have estimated around the world.

Sample Bill of Quantity Report for a Heavy Industrial Project

Click here to download a sample Bill of Quantity Report for a Heavy Industrial Project.