High Voltage Transmission Line Master Estimate

This file is currently available in the English language. The software is designed to view the data in English plus an additional alternate language. On purchasing the software we would be pleased to work with you to customize the file in a language of your choice including French, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek.

This estimate cost data package represents a typical reference estimate that includes all the items normally found in a major Transmission Line Project.

This Master Estimate is country specific and consists of a multilevel estimate and resource file displayed in the currency of the selected country. The unit costs, crew makeup (number of labour & equipment) and the crew production rates are different for most countries and regions and are set based on the author’s experience of bidding work in similar regions under similar economic conditions.

The master estimate file consists of main (S) sections of work further divided into (I) items and (A) activities. Users can drilldown to any level to view total and unit costs along with total and unit prices for that level. Costs are generated at the lowest level of the work breakdown (activities or items) and rollup accordingly. The lowest level displays the detailed rate build up including the crew makeup, production rates, man-hour factors as well as the labour, equipment and material rates used to generate the costs.

The Estimate data includes typical quantities for typical Transmission Line projects including, Foundations, Poles, Towers, Conductors & Hardware. The estimates includes all Civil Work along with Tower Erection and Conductor Stringing.

The Transmission Line Estimate Data includes the sections listed below;

Site Access  
  Winter Ice Road
  Helicopter Access
  Transmission Line Access Road
  Full Services Access & Haul Roads
  Drill Blast
  Rock Anchors
  Steel Grids
Poles & Towers  
  Wood Poles
  Steel Poles
  Guyed Steel Tangent Towers
  Self Supporting Rigid Towers
  Dead End Towers
Conductors & Wire  
  Optical Ground Wires
  Grounding Accessories

The unit rates are listed using “Metric” as the default unit of measure and “Imperial” as the alternate unit of measure.

The reference estimates included are;

- Transmission Tower Foundations

- Transmission Tower Erection and Line Stringing

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