Construction Equipment Rental Rates

This file is currently available in the English language. The software is designed to view the data in English plus an additional alternate language. On purchasing the data we would be pleased to work with you to customize the file in a language of your choice including French, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek.

This package consists of a resource file consisting of equipment rates only. The equipment rates are listed based on the currency of the selected country or region. The ownership portion of the rates, were developed based on “International Equipment Values”. The operating portion of the rates were developed utilizing local fuel, power and repair mechanic labour rates.

To view a video demo of our Construction Equipment Master Resource file click here.

The Equipment Rates are available in both English and French versions. To view the list of equipment in French click here.

The file includes over 1,000 equipment units. The file includes 6 types of rental rates for each listed piece of equipment including;

1-Internal Owned Used Rates
2-Internal Owned New Rates
3-Lease Rates with 48 Month Term
4-Lease Rates with 36 Month Term
5-Lease Rates with 24 Month Term
6-Short Term Rental Rates

Each type of rental rate is further broken down into its component ownership and operating costs;

1-Diesl Fuel Cost
2-Gasoline Cost
3-Electric Power Cost
4-Ownership Cost
5-Parts Cost
6-Repair Labour Cost
7-Tire Cost
8-Insurance Cost

Also displayed with each rate are the factors and formula used to calculate the equipment rates including;

1-Diesel Fuel Rate
2-Gasoline Rate
3-Electric Power Rate
4-Mechanic Rate
5-Equipment Purchase Value
6-Fuel Consumption
7-Repair Labour Factor