Transit Systems

Many large large transit systems included elevated guideways and subway tunnels have been estimated utilizing our inftastructure costs database. 

Complex Work-breakdown Structures (WBS), must be prepared to organize the projects into distinct procurement packages that can estimated separately. The multi-level breakdowns sort the estimate by Procurement Bid Package, Workgroup and Location. When closing the bid users compare and award subcontract packages on individual items or complete packages. 

Transit Projects are often designed in modules. These modules can be saved and imported into other estimates that require similar assemblies that can be updated to reflect the productivity, resource rates and the currency of the current project.

Included in our Master Workbreakdown Structures are all the major elements that make up a transit project including;

  • Tunnel & Shaft Excavation
  • Piling & Shoring
  • Precast Segmental Construction
  • Rail & Trackwork
  • Signs & Traffic Controls
  • Power Distribution
  • External Protection Systems
  • Controls & Signalling Equipment
  • Communications Systems
  • Tolling Systems
  • Station Architectural Systems


Portfolio of Subway & Light Rail Transit Projects

Click here to download a portfolio of major International Subway & Light Rail Transit Projects that we have estimated around the world.

Sample Bill of Quantity Report for a Light Rail Transit Estimate

Click here to download a sample Bill of Quantity Report for a Light Rail Transit Project.